Voobler WESTIN Jatte Multi Jointed 115mm 14g Smoking Jamaican

Tootekood: 211047
Kaubamärk: Westin
Laoseis: Laos
Hind: 12,00 €
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With the Twinkle from the Westin Optic eyes and a unique snakelike swimming action this lure is irresistible. It's a versatile lure to be used in lakes and rivers for anything from trout to the most sharp-toothed predators. It can be fished at a slow or fast retrieve and the sound from the clacking joints and Ultra Sonic rattle balls ads extra attraction. If the big fish are tricky, try to pause your retrieve and Westin Multi Jointed will slowly sub- merge - a great trick to trigger the bites. Material: ABS plastic Lead free construction Japanese style carbon steel hooks * Hook size: # 6 Floating - running depth: 0.5-2m * Optic Eyes
Westin Jätte Multi Jointed voobler on mitme liigendiga kehaga ning tema mäng vees meenutab mao moodi võnklevat ujumist. Sobib kõigi suurte röövkalade püügiks jõgedes ja järvedes. Kui kala on valiv, siis toimib selle landi puhul hästi pauside tegemine kerides, et lõpuks toimuks otsustav rabamine.