Tootekood: 267154
Kaubamärk: Megabass
Laoseis: Laos
Hind kaupluses: 17,90 €
Hind e-poes: 15,22 €
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There are now several different MOVING BALANCERS employed for our baits, with each system designed to achieve a different purpose. In the case of the DEEP-X 200T, there are three positions the balancer can move into. First, when casting it moves to the tail position, achieving better castability. Second, as soon as the DEEP-X hits the water, the balancer moves into the front position, bringing it ready to dive at a steep angle. Third, upon reaching the optimum depth, the balancer now moves to the middle position. The DEEP-X will then start to swim horizontally. Finally, when the DEEP-X is ready to come to the surface, the balancer moves back to the tail position. While most crank baits are fat and shapeless, DEEP-X 200T is rather compact and well-defined, while still being able to dive up to 15 feet.