Spinning FAVORITE Extreme 2,4m 10-45g EXTS802MH

Tootekood: 233980
Kaubamärk: Favorite
Laoseis: Laos
72,00 €
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These rods are a perfect instrument for the fishing with tiny soft baits in freshwater, as well as in saltwater rock fishing styleExclusive rods have a very thin and flexible solid tip. The solid part is rather short which increases tactile sensitivity. Other than increasing sensitivity, the solid part has another function – it makes the tip heavier, which contributes to the distance of casting of extra-light lures. The guides used here are of the lightest weight with a special tangle free shape. The rest of the guides are very light - single-foot Fuji titanium SIC. The tackle is so light-weight and well-balanced, it fit the hand so well, that fishing with it is not only reasonable but down right pleasant.

FAVORITE Exstreme 2,1m 7-12g