Pöörlev PONTOON INDI-RAH 2 T02-054

Tootekood: 374493
Kaubamärk: Pontoon21
Laoseis: Laos
5,99 €
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Indi-Rah has a blade of Indiana type, but proportions and depth of stamping of blade were selected specially so that front resistance created by BC Indi-Rah at retrieving doesn’t exceed the front resistance of spinners with Swing or Willow Leaf types of blade. Thanks to this feature BC Indi-Rah works excellent at up-stream and down-stream fishing as well as in still water. Reverse pattern on both sides of blade (RPB) is well-visible and looks the same independently on angle of view. Color of body’s components and Pontoon21 dressed trebles correspondent to RPB. As a result Indi-Rah looks as organic whole, and careful predator does not grow suspicious at Indi-Rah during its retrieving.