Haspelrull VOLZHANKA Meteor 3000 (7+1 laagrit),118-0233

Tootekood: 233926
Kaubamärk: Volzhanka
Laoseis: Tellimisel

A series of Volzhanka Meteor reels for equipping spinning rods, match rods and wire rods used in amateur fishing. The spool, equipped with a friction brake with a microstep adjustment, is mounted on two ball bearings, which allows you to confidently work with fishing lines and cords of small diameters. A graphite rotor and a chiseled Al-alloy spool significantly reduced the weight of the coil. The drive gear of the main gear is made of a special antifriction alloy, and the driven gear is made of brass. This combination of materials together with high manufacturing accuracy ensures the smooth operation of the mechanism even under heavy loads. Stacker brace promotes pre-straightening of fishing line during casting, which minimizes the likelihood of formation loops.