Haspelrull VOLZHANKA Lider 4000 (9+1 laagrit) tagasidur ja varupool,118-0452

Tootekood: 233199
Kaubamärk: Volzhanka
Laoseis: Tellimisel

In the design of new items implemented the most advanced technical and technological developments. The coil is equipped with an independent system for quick control of the friction brake (“flag”, Fight in’Drag), which allows you to instantly change the force of the cord from the cord after setting the main clutch. And, it is very important that the angler has the ability to adjust the main clutch in any intermediate position of the "flag". In the logging system, we installed a ceramic roller on two ball bearings - this is the solution that creates a gentle mode for the lines / cords during intensive fishing. The remaining 8 "closed" ball bearings provide a long service life and perfect smoothness of the movement of the entire mechanism under the maximum possible loads. The body and spool of the reel are made of AL-alloy and protected by the latest paintwork resistant to various environments. Experts from the PPM shopping center and leading experts from our partners participated in the development of the Leader series coils.  Specifications: • Turned Al-Alloy spool • Rotor made of graphite. • Ceramic spreader roller with 2 ball bearings. • Line anti-spinning system. • Lightweight stowage handle. • Instant reverse lock • Computer rotor balancing. • Backlash-free handle mount. • Additional graphite spool

Weight (g) 370
Coil view Friction brake quick control system
Number of bearings 9 + 1
Gear ratio 5.1: 1
Volzhanka Leader Series
Clutch Rear Clutch
Capacity (mm / m) 0.30 / 190. 0.35 / 140. 0.40 / 110