Haspelrull VOLZHANKA Kvant 3000 (7+1 laagrit),118-0219

Tootekood: 233202
Kaubamärk: Volzhanka
Laoseis: Tellimisel

A series of Volzhanka Quantum reels with a system of cross winding fishing lines. This option is implemented by the “endless” hypoid gear (“worm”), which provides uniform large-step laying of the fishing line / cord onto the spool, which prevents “cutting” the fishing line / cord between the lower turns and allows the use of heavy equipment or jerking wiring. An elongated spool (“long cast”), combined with cross-winding fishing lines, increases the casting distance. The patented friction brake system is located in the spool - the geometry of the support platform for a set of washers with friction gaskets has been changed for a smooth and reliable bleeding of the cord. The design of the stowage brackets minimizes the possibility of loops during installation and promotes the preliminary straightening of the fishing line during casting. On the coil housing there is a hole closed by a plug for lubricating the mechanism. Additional options - a turned match ("shallow") spool of type "S" (Al-alloy) and a standard turned-out spool (Al-alloy).

• Patented friction brake system.  • Aluminum alloy coil housing.  • Anti-twist fishing line.  • Lightweight stowage handle.  • Carbon rotor housing.  • Dirt-resistant rotor design.  • Ability to lubricate the mechanism without disassembling the coil.  • "Endless" screw drive of the stem drive.  • Zinc alloy endless propeller shaft.  • 8 ball bearings (7 + 1).

Weight (g) 306
Number of bearings 7 + 1
Ratio 5.3: 1
Volzhanka Quant series
Clutch Front Clutch
Capacity (mm / m) 0.20 / 230. 0.25 / 140. 0.30 / 100