Haspelrull VOLZHANKA Atlant 8000 (6+1 laagrit) esisidur,118-0352

Tootekood: 233197
Kaubamärk: Volzhanka
Laoseis: Tellimisel

The new power series, the release of which closed yet another gap in the assortment of products of the PPM Technology Center. It will allow our customers to equip models of rods with large, and very large tests, worthy of their power inertialess reels. • In this series, taking into account its purpose, we have applied a new patented friction brake system. For smooth and reliable bleeding of the cord, steel washers of a special configuration with friction gaskets made of graphite-containing material are used here. • In the coil, the stowage bracket in the open position significantly increases the casting distance! We achieved this by selecting the optimal length of the leashes and the angle of opening of the bracket, and thereby formed a “surface” that begins to straighten the turns of the cord at the moment it leaves the spool! • We used ceramics to make the scaffold roller, because it has an extremely high abrasion resistance. • All 7 ball bearings (6 + 1), providing smooth and soft operation of the coil elements, are made of stainless alloy steel. • To reduce weight characteristics, we equipped the reel with the most lightweight aluminum alloy spool, placed the powerful mechanism in an ultra-thin and very durable graphite case, installed a graphite rotor and leashes. • The reel is equipped with a cross winding system. This option is implemented by the “endless” hypoid gear (“worm”), which provides uniform large-step laying of fishing line / cord onto the spool. This method of laying prevents “cutting” fishing line / cord between the underlying turns, which allows you to freely use heavy snap-in or jerk wiring. 

Weight (g) 695
Type of coil Power coils
Number of bearings 6 + 1
Ratio 4.1: 1
Volzhanka Atlas Series
Clutch Front Clutch
Capacity (mm / m) 0.35 / 540. 0.4 / 400. 0.5 / 260