Can I come and retrieve my order somewhere on my own?


Vobla: Yes, our stores are currently located at Osmussaare 8, Tallinn, Turu 41a, Tartu, and Posti 6, Viljandi. If you are unable to retrieve your orders at these locations, we recommend that you choose Omniva/Eesti Post or SmartPost as your shipping option.


I submitted an order, but the payment failed and now my desired goods are no longer visible in the store.


Vobla: If your payment failed, you should check your inbox.When confirming an order, you will automatically be sent an order confirmation via e-mail.Depending on the configuration of your e-mail program, it could take a few minutes.If you have received the order, it generally means that the goods displayed in the order have been reserved for you in our warehouse.If any of the ordered goods happened to be the last in stock, the online store shall display that the goods are now out of stock and no new orders for such goods can be made. You do not need to submit a new order. We instead recommend that you pay for the received order by means of a regular bank transfer.The details required to make the payment are available in the order, and once the payment has been received on our bank account, we shall ship the goods.


Are you selling this particular troll, reel, rod, etc.?


Vobla: The goods that we sell are also generally available in our online store; however, we always order goods from different partners.If you need a specific product, please e-mail and we shall give you feedback concerning our capacity to meet your needs. We also constantly monitor any inquiries we receive and shape our assortment accordingly.


Why have I not received my shipment?


Vobla: Generally, your shipment has been delayed due to various events (e.g. Christmas) – depending on the working schedules of postal service providers, the delivery of a shipment may be delayed sometimes.Usually, shipments arrive at the desired destination within a few days in such cases.If you have not received the ordered goods after some days have passed, you should:


first check that the address provided in your order (or the telephone number in case of SmartPost) is accurate;


ask your family members whether they have received or seen a package or secured envelope or a respective notice of a secured envelope or a notice submitted by a post office and have forgotten to inform you thereof;


inquire from the local post office whether any shipments have been delivered in your name or to your address.


If the shipment constitutes a registered item, you are able to ask us for the tracking number via e-mail or the contact form and inspect the delivery of the shipment on the website of the service provider. However, if you have still not received your shipment, please contact us.