Reel FAVORITE Sirius 4000S

Brand: Favorite
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These new reel have a lot of features that common for more expensive reels of famous brands. 


Sirius was designed for lure fishing mainly, so the most important feature is good winding of thin PE lines. Lightweight rotor provides very smooth reeling and increase sensitivity when use finesse rigs. Heavy Duty gear system – handle connected to the main gear with screw eliminating any “play” in handle and it is rotating very smoothly. The lightweight main gear mounted on very durable stainless steel shaft. Thick main shaft is also made from stainless steel. Carbon drag works very smoothly and accurately.

Metal body

 - Feather light rotor 

HD gear 

Carbon Drag

 - Two metal spool (shallow and deep) 

Titanium Nitride covered anti-twist line roller and spool lip 

11+1 Stainless steel ball bearings 

5.2:1 gear ratio 

Mudel Kaal Mahtuvus Laagrid Ülekanne
2000S     275 0.205/240; 0.235/200; 0.26/160 11+1 5.2:1 
2500S     280 0.235/240; 0.26/200; 0.285/180 11+1 5.2:1 
4000S     330 0.205/150; 0.26/120; 0.285/90 11+1 5.2:1