Reel FAVORITE Hurricane 2500

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Brand: Favorite
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Metal body and body cover that provides durability has made this really suitable for heavy duty fishing styles. With 11 stainless steel BB it's a great choice for light saltwater lure fishing styles e.g. seabass and light shore jigging. Lightweight rotor provides very smooth rotation and increase sensitivity when use finesse rigs. Heavy Duty gear system – handle connected to the main gear with screw eliminating any “play” in handle and it is rotating very smoothly. The lightweight main gear mounted on very durable stainless steel shaft. The thick main shaft is also made from stainless steel. Carbon drag works very accurately.

Includes two metal spools: one deep and one shallow for PE lines.

  • Metal body
  • Feather light rotor
  • HD gear
  • Carbon Drag
  • Two metal spool (shallow and deep)
  • Titanium Nitride covered anti-twist line roller and spool lip
  • 11+1 Stainless steel ball bearings
  • 5.2:1 gear ratio