Fishing rod FAVORITE Blue Bird 2,19m 4-14g BB732ML-S

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The spinning rod Favorite Blue Bird NEW is created to advance and stay one of the most popular spinning rods for micro-jig in Ukraine. The rod got a new modern design. The blank is made from SkyFlex 30T – this allows combining lightness and flexibility for comfort and confidence during fishing. A new ergonomic widened handle with smooth reel-holders to fit in hand in the most perfect way. The rings are made based on the modern conception, they allow casting far and not allow the line tangling. The advanced hook keeper was added for additional comfort. With it, you can fasten the lure and it will not bother you while you are moving around the reservoir. A special construction of the rod with a super sensitive tip allows you controlling everything that is happening on the other end of the line. 6 models, each one in a different length and with a different test, allow you selecting a perfect rod for your fishing conditions. 4 models are equipped with monolith tips, they are perfect for classic jig for fishing from short and long distances. Two models have hollow (tubular) tips, they allow far casting and are perfect not only for jig fishing, but for fishing with split tackle. New Favorite Blue Bird NEW is a combination of sensitivity, ability to cast far, flexibility, price and quality.